Donors of 2011

Year of Donation

(Select year to view donors. Tax deductibe donations are acknowledged on a calendar year basis. Names are listed on an event year basis.)

Angel Network $1000+



M&T Bank

Smith Masonry, Inc.

William J. & Rev. Shirley M. Smith, Sr.

Wal~Mart Foundation


Light Network $500 - $999


Mrs. Cathy Davies-Harmon

Mr. Scott & Amy Walls

Mr. Edward T. & Mrs. G.A. Findley-Christian

Fraser Charitable Foundation

Mr. Hugh D. & Kathleen M. Leaghy

Mr. John & Carin Rollins

Mrs. Lillian M. Lowery

The Honorable Lincoln Willis

Ms. S. Renee Smith

Mr. Terry & Mrs. Sandy Strine

Mr. William & Kim Allen


Overseers Network $250-$499


Mrs. Lawon M. Scott

Mr. Leroy Tice


Watchers Network $100-$249


Mr. Braven O Duffie

Mr. Charles A. Madden

Mr. Charles & Shirley J. Saunders

Mr. Michael L. Smith

Mr. Myrtle & Joan Burris, Jr.

Ms. P. Kristen Bennett

Retired Major Truman & Minnie P. Bolden

Walkers Network $25 - $99


Mrs. Alicia Clark

Mrs. Betty Hazzard

Dr. Billie Hooker

Mrs. Carlyse Giddins

Mr. C.C. & Nancy Wagner

Mr. Dale E. & Teresa E. Benson

Ms. Gerri D. Smith

Ms. Mable R. Morrison

Ms. Marian C. Harris

Roddie Byers

Rudy's European Motorcars, LLC

Mrs. Sherwana T. Rachal-Speaks

Ms. Virginia M. Smith


*Thank you to the 300 attendees (and ticket purchasers) to the Inspired to Be Smith Legacy Dinner