William J. & Reverend Shirley M. Smith, Sr. Scholarship Fund

Our mission is to inspire underserved collegians who are often overlooked for academic scholarships and other success building opportunities by providing them with financial support to help defray costs incurred while attending college. The scholarship is a total of $3000. As long as the awardee meets the renewal requirements $1000 is awarded through their senior year.


Thank you for joining us on this journey of love. As of September 2013, we have awarded $12,000 in scholarships since 2011.


Would you like to make a donation, volunteer or help in another way?


Send an email to info@thesmithlegacy.org

or send your donation or inquiry to:

Smith Scholarship

P.O. Box 177

Dover, DE 19904




    Our Goal
The Goal:

Officially Launched: July 24, 2010

$ 54,135.92